Just A Bad Day
by Cat
Rated PG

Kathryn Janeway Personal log

The day has been a horrible one. I woke up late, which is unusual, spilled Neelix's version of breakfast all over my uniform, and the replicator refuses to produce coffee. Neelix is no help, for after all these years he still hasn't gotten it right. Then, on my way to the bridge, I tripped exiting the turbolift, and split my head open on Tuvok's console. All of this before 7 am. I could definitely tell this was a day to remain in bed with the covers over my head. With everything throwing me off stride, I didn't even object when Chakotay escorted me to sickbay. Now, I'm holed up in my readyroom, working on reports, and trying to stay out of trouble. I know there is something going on here, but I just can't put my finger on it. My mother would say... Mother. That's it, all in one word. It's mother's day and I'm stuck here in the delta quadrant, unable to send her a message, wishing I had done so with the last transmission to the alpha quadrant. There are days, days like these, when only a mother will do, and I miss mine terribly. I remember those days when I was young and in trouble. The way my full name would roll off her lips in a torment of words, and the very tone would make me shudder. Then there were the times when she would tuck me in, and for a moment I was the most important being in the world. Nothing can replace it, that unconditional love and understand that a mother gives. Nothing...


Kathryn's head snapped up at the tone. "Come."

Chakotay entered, a smile on his face and a rose in his hand. He passed the rose and cupped her hand kissing it. "Hi. You looked like you could use a pick me up."

She nodded, tears in her eyes. "Yeah missing my Mom."

He smiled sadly. "Yes, mine's been gone forever it seems, and I still miss her more than usual on this day. Nothing seems to help."

As she smiled a reply, the door chimed again, then opened without her response. A whirlwind of tangled red hair and big brown eyes flew at her, scrambling into her lap and nearly strangling her in an enthusiastic hug. A wet sloppy kiss grazed her cheek as the impish little voice filled the room and calmed her thoughts. "Happy Mommies day mommy!"

The child kissed her again and Kathryn gathered her little daughter close and hugged her tightly, thanking the child and kissing her head. "Thank you Dessie."

Then door opened again, this time admitting an older girl, this one with black hair and smiling blue eyes. She approached Kathryn, another rose in her hands. She came forward kissing Kathryn's cheek before handing it to her. "Happy Mother's Day Mom."

As Kathryn drew her oldest daughter close she smiled through watery tears. "Thank you Kiah." She snuggled both girls, marveling that they were hers. Her eyes met Chakotay's. "Some things definitely make it better." She hugged the girls again. Suddenly the day wasn't so bad after all.