Dangerous in Leather

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After much deliberation, and much prodding (thats prodding not probing) by a handful of people, I have decided to give in to temptation and host a my own Dollz Contest. And seeing as I love smut, and I love leather, and I especially love smut and leather... Well at least now you should understand the title. *eg*

Important Dates

September 1, 2002   -- All Doll submissions due.
September 2, 2002   -- Voting Begins
September 21, 2002 -- Voting Ends
September 23, 2002 -- Winners Announced

The rules of this contest are very simple, and very similar to other contests.

1. All dollz should either be submitted in transparent .gif format, or as
.bmp files on a plain white background. No jpeg files please, as these tend to blur and generally look like crap once uploaded.

2. Doll sizes should not exeed 200 by 250 in pixel size.

3. Dollz should portray Janeway, or Janeway and Chakotay (KJ is a must!) in a leather setting of some kind... Smut is optional.  Dollz must be fully clothed--aka: Everything essential must be covered. This contest is PG-13 after all! (we'll do a naughty one later if this one goes well! Promise!)

4. Absolutely no drag and drop dolls. Everything, (excluding the base) must be drawn by you. Now, as for bases, you must include base author's name, and a URL for their site so that credit may be given where it is due; that is, if the base is not drawn by you.

5. You may submit no more than 3 entries. And this is a blind contest, so the entry may not be one that has been previously posted or entered into a contest. It must be new, and you can't tell anyone it's yours. (well like that stops anyone!)

Need to find base bodies? Check out the following sites!

Josie's Dollz (my personal favorite!)


Tidbits of Sweetness

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