Welcome to JCMadness's Second J/C Writing Contest!!!

Fardach a an Mi Moathair's Comhairs
(Home is in My Mother's Eyes)

I have walked the narrow path,
I have walked the thin lines,
I have walked thru fire,
And I have walked on ice,
I have broken the rules,
I have burned the bridges,
And I have broken those bonds
that were built to last through the ages.
But in all of my travel,
through all of my days,
I have never searched for home,
but I have often looked back.
For I have always believed,
Home is in my mother's eyes.

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Contest Begins

March 26, 2001

Stories Due

May 4, 2001

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May 5, 2001

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May 6, 2001

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May 12, 2001

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May 13, 2001