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Welcome to the 1st QoS contest!

Voting has closed, and you'll find the winners,
as well as the other entries listed below. Again, we thank
everyone who took the time to enter the contest,
and to those of you who will be reading and voting!

Honorable Mention: (Tie) "Slatted Light" by Claudia and "Holo Reality" by Crusher

Third Place: "Home Field Advantage" by Merri Wyllow

Second Place: "Headache" by Cress

First Place: "Tight Confines" by Mandy Tooley

(Note: Winners may link their graphic awards back to this site, or save it to your harddrives by right clicking on the graphic and choosing, "save picture as")

Special Addendum Note: Award graphics were created by Bratkin (jetc13 member) kewl aren't they!? *g*


Tight Confines
by: Mandy Tooley
Summary: Chakotay and Kathryn both experience the same erotic dream ... but is it a dream???

Slatted Light
by:  Claudia
Summary: None provided.

Holodeck Horizontal Tango

May I Have This Dance?
by:  Susan de-Fluke
Email address: s.de-fluke@tinyworld.co.uk
Summary: Chakotay wearing nothing, the balmy Central American Rain Forrest and the heady music of a bygone era combine to make Kathryn rather more amorous than perhaps she intended.

Holo Reality
by:  Crusher
Summary: Kathryn decides to relax on the holo deck after a confrontation with Seven regarding her misuse of holo programs.

Turbolift Vignettes

No entries were submitted in this category

Ready Room Romp

Close Encounters
by:  Tree
Summary: Kathryn's distraction piques Chakotay's curiosity with interesting results.

Earth Bound Bondage

No entries were submitted in this category

Corn Field Fun

No entries were submitted in this category

Food Enlightenment

101 Things To Do With A Banana
by:  Susan de-Fluke
Summary: Oh.  My.  Gosh!  I've tried this and I decided it was too good not to share!  Let's fact it, there's no other more deserving couple!!

Romantic Rendezvous

Home Field Advantage
by: Merri Willow
Summary: None provided by author, however after reading the story ourselves... We have to say, camping can be fun *eg*.

Other Smut *evil grin*

by:  Cress
Summary: A different way to heal Kathryn's headache.

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