J/C Madness Contest Rules!!!

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1. All stories must pertain to the theme revolving around the contest. (ie St. Patrick's day, Mother's Day, etc)

2. These contests will not be anonymous. You will be free to put your name on your story and to share it with a beta reader of your choice.

3. Stories submitted will have to be brand new, they may not be posted to any website or posted to any list. However, when you're ready to submit you may put a blind link on your website and submit it with the story. Or you can email the story to me and I''ll put it up. Address to email stories to if you don't have your own site is KadiLuv@aol.com

4. There will only be one story permitted per author for each contest. This rule may only be wavered if you've co-written a story with someone. In that case, you may submit the story by you, and the co-write.

5. In the instance of voting, only one vote will be allowed per person for the each contest.

6. Ratings: Unless otherwise stated in each individual contest, you may submit a story with a rating of NC-17, but please mark it accordingly.

7. Slash: Unless otherwise stated these will all be J/C Contests. So no slash will be allowed in the contest.

8. Rules may change according to theme, but these are the basic rules to follow for each contest. If you are unsure about a rule, please contact me at the above email address.

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