The difference the truth makes

Disclaimer: Sigh we all know that Paramount own the characters I just borrow them, and Im not making any money, yada yada yada… if only though they could have taken it upon themselves to borrow some of our storylines. 


Author’s Note: Righty here’s a little something that’s slightly different. I like to think of it as altering things a little. The scene set is Voyager has been in the Delta Quadrant for 7 years and is on its way home as planned but there’s a little twist to things. Kathryn Janeway has brought her niece Katie Janeway-Ryan with her. When they left home 7 years ago the girl was a Cadet in Star Fleet and Kathryn decided to allow her to come on her first mission. A little far-fetched I know but this was the first thing that came into my head when I heard of the competition coming up. So I rolled with it. Enjoy!



Kathryn Janeway took a deep calming breath and activated her comm.


“Janeway to Chakotay “


“Chakotay here”


“Report to sickbay immediately”


“Aye Captain”


Hearing his voice made her feel worse. He was so caring and kind to her. Ever considerate of her feelings. She wondered often how he still felt about her. She shook her head and scolded herself for thinking of herself at a time like this, how could she. Still it was a welcoming distraction. She glanced over at the bio bed where her niece lay gasping for breath as the doctor tried frantically to help her. She bit on her lip trying to hold back the tears. She never told her, why had she never told her? It looked like it would be to late now. The doctor interrupted her thoughts.


“I'm sorry Captain I don’t know what else to do, I’ve never seen a case like this before and frankly I just don’t know how to treat her. I’ve stabilised her and she is comfortable but still unconscious. I’m really sorry.”


With that he turned away back to his patient and Kathryn was left with the numbness that engulfed her. The doors of sickbay swooshed open and Chakotay walk in looking anxious.


“What’s going on Kathryn?” He realised she was crying. “What happened to Katie?  Kathryn? Kathryn?” he asked his voice full of concern. He took her in his arms and walked them over to the bio bed.


“I never told her Chakotay” she whispered


“Shussh Kathryn it’s all right, im sure she knew whatever it was” he replied holding her tightly.


“No you don’t understand Chakotay,” huge sobs racked her body and she felt herself loose control. “I never told her, Chakotay I never told her the truth.” she bit her lip. “I'm her mother.”


Chakotay didn’t know which shocked him more. The fact that Kathryn was Katie’s mother or the fact that she was crying unstoppably. Kathryn felt a wave of dizziness pass over and welcomed the black peacefulness that followed.


 Two Hours Earlier

“Morning everyone.” Katie beamed as she exited the turbo lift glancing around for her Aunt.


“Morning Katie, she’s in her ready room.” Chakotay replied catching her glance and smiling. He loved seeing Katie on the bridge her youthful cheer reminded him of his sister. She brought a pleasant air to the sometimes tension filled bridge. He watched her walk towards the ready room. She was so like Kathryn in someways he thought fondly.


“Enter.” Captain Janeway called in her most authoritative voice. “Oh its just you I was expecting Ensign Murphy.” Kathryn looked at Katie fondly “You know what I mean.”


“Nice to see you to Aunty Kath.”


“I'm sorry, the last couple of days have been really crazy around here.” she grinned sheepishly “I’m sorry I couldn’t make dinner the other night. How are things going in Astrometrics with Seven?”


“Not too bad, actually that’s why I'm here, I have the new proposals from Seven on improving our sensors. She was going to bring them up herself but I volunteered. I thought it might give us a moment to catch up.” She smiled fondly at her Aunt


Kathryn was aware that Katie was saying something to her but she wasn’t focusing on what it was. She was always doing that lately, whenever she saw her daughter her mind was plunged into turmoil whether she should tell her the truth or not. Why was this bothering her lately? She had been able to cope for the last 25 years why couldn’t she cope now? Allowing her sister to raise her child had been one of the hardest things she had ever had to do, but she was starting her career then and she would not have accomplished any of this had she not made what she felt at the time to be the right decision. Lately though, as she watched her daughter become even more of an adult she wondered had it been the right one all along. She had tried so many times to tell her but she was afraid. It took something to make Kathryn Janeway afraid and the rejection of her only daughter was it.   She became aware that Katie had stopped talking. She glanced over at her.


“Katie? Katie are you alright?”


She wasn’t answering her but from the expression of panic on her face Kathryn new something was wrong. She stood and made her way towards her daughter in time to catch her as she collapsed.


“Janeway to the Bridge, medical emergency two to beam directly to sickbay.”



The lights in sickbay added to her daze and confusion as Kathryn Janeway tried to pull herself into a sitting position. Instantly she felt Chakotay’s arm around her soothing her.


“Chakotay how is she?” she whispered


“I'm sorry Kathryn there’s been no improvement. Lie down and rest for a while you’ve suffered a huge shock.”


“No I can’t Chakotay I have to stay by her side. I have to tell her the truth the moment she wakes up.”


“About that Kathryn, I don’t even know where to start. How? Why?”


“I'm sorry Chakotay,” she couldn’t look him in the eye “I know I should have told her and you but I had my reasons”


She glanced up at him and he realised he had never had as much love for this woman as he did now. He was seeing a side of Kathryn Janeway rarely shown. Her vulnerable side. After making plans to make dinner for her he left sickbay vowing to find a cure to save Katie to allow Kathryn’s torment to end.


Days and sleepless nights folded into weeks. Eventually they made some progress. It was Seven of Nine who was to be the heroine in the bitter saga. She had heard of what had happened to Katie and had taken it upon herself to visit. She like most of the crew shared a certain affection for the young Cadet and was certain she had the answer to the mystery. After many test simulations with the Commander she took it upon herself to broach the Captain with the good news. She went straight to sickbay knowing the Captain spent her every waking moment beside her daughter.


“Captain,” she announced as she walked into Sickbay


“Seven it's nice to see you,” Kathryn tried her best to put forward a brave front but nothing got passed Seven’s watchful eye.


“I believe I might have the solution to the problem.”


Kathryn instantly became alert. “Go on.”


“This illness is quite a common illness among the Borg, it affects them in the same way a cold affects humans. However I can see it has somewhat more serious affects on Humans,” she paused, “The Commander and I have been secretly working on a cure for weeks now, and I believe that we have adapted it enough for it to be safely used on your daughter”


Hearing Seven refer to Katie as her daughter made Kathryn stiffen, so everybody knew. Well it was bound to happen sooner or later. There were few kept secrets on a ship this size. She would deal with that problem later. All she truly cared about now was her daughter’s safety and well being.


“How exactly would Katie have contracted a Borg cold?” the Doctor enquired suspiciously


“That’s really quite simple. I obtained the virus last month when we went onboard the old Borg cube and as I was working quite closely with Katie it is possible that she may have contracted the virus from me. A simple injection of nanoprobes should cure the virus immediately.”


“Seven you should have reported to me that you were feeling unwell.” the doctor scolded


“Captain?” Seven ignored the Doctor’s fleeting concern and turned to wait for her instructions


“Proceed with the injection,” Kathryn replied, feeling as if a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders.


Within minutes Katie was regaining consciousness and Kathryn braced herself for the hardest task she was ever going to encounter.


Later that night Kathryn felt herself finally relax on Chakotay’s couch.


“Well?” He asked impatiently, “Have I to stand here waiting or do I have to beat what happened out of you?”


Kathryn smiled to herself and replied “I told her Chakotay,” she said simply and continued “while I think it will take some time for her to get used to I believe she was glad to realise that she wasn’t as far away from her mother as she had thought. Of course she’ll always be close to Phoebe but on the bright side mother’s day will no longer be filled with deep pangs of guilt and regret for me!” 


“That’s wonderful Kathryn. It will make for some interesting gossip in the mess hall though."


Kathryn Janeway winced at this comment. She was never one who liked people speculating about her personal life. But she decided to throw all caution to the wind. Heck! She had made one major declaration today so why not continue as she meant to carry on.


She breathed deeply and said calmly “I’ve learned something from this experience though.”


“What's that?”


“Well,” she said nervously “I’ve learned that keeping secrets from those close to you is definitely not a good idea,” She smiled that crooked smile he loved so much. “That’s why,” she continued, "I’ve decided to do this!” And with that she leaned over and kissed her Commanding Officer suddenly. The shock on his face was too much for Kathryn to handle and she giggled.


“I'm sorry Chakotay I felt that was the easiest way to let you know how I feel…” she blushed, “You have been so good to me the last few weeks, I couldn’t have gotten through them without you. It made me realise how much I depend on you and how I wouldn’t be able to cope if I lost you.” she fiddled with her commbadge her heart beating rapidly at having been so freely expressed.


“Oh Kathryn, I love you so much” he replied pulling her close to him


She looked up at him slipped her arms around his neck and moved closer until their lips met in one of the most passionate kisses she had ever experienced.


Sighing happily she lay back in Chakotay’s arms. Gazing contentedly out the window she thought to her self that this was one of the few days she didn’t feel quite so alone in the Delta Quadrant.


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