Contest Results!!!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to write and submit their contest entries!
Voting ended at 12am EST, and since I was up, I posted the winners!
I also want to thank the 37 people who took the time to read and vote.
Thanks so much everyone! While I was posting winners, I decided to post the
comments by the readers. This is in no way a reflection of how many votes each
person received, tho everyone got at least 2 votes. As I've already said, 37 people
voted, but only a fraction of those commented on the stories. Comments can be
found below. Stories will be available for reading for the next week for those interested! :)


"Getting The Irish Up" by JinnyR

"Green" by Anne Rose

There was a Tie Here!!!
"Pot o' Gold" by Dakota AND "Of Love and Leprechauns" by KJ

"In Memories" by Lin

Click the link below to read the stories,
or to see the Readers' Comments!

Contest Stories