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>> Winners of the 2nd Annual QoS <<


Similar to Voyager Blue Alert, Queens of Smut focuses on NC-17 rated J/C fanfiction.  Without exception.  Meaning, we don't have a category for other pairings, nor do we accept any rating but NC-17.  Because, let's face it, we are smut addicts.  8)

So, what's smut mean?  It's perhaps a generally understood term, but we actually looked it up for fun:

  1. (verb) to stain or taint with smut
  2. (adjective) obscene, indecent
  3. (noun) obscene language or matter


Yes, yes, why ruin a perfectly good smut fest with rules... Well, because some people don't like certain kinds of smut -- us mainly.  And since we're in charge, we're making the rules.  8)

  1. Stories must be J/C.  If you don't like J/C, what are you doing here in the first place?

  2. Absolutely no slash allowed.  The only exception to this rule is if you have either Holo-Janeway or Holo-Chakotay join in on the fun.

  3. Absolutely no rape stories allowed.  We feel strongly about this.  You submit rape fic, you don't get posted.  Simple as that.

  4. No drabbles either.  They can be fun, but we've yet to read an NC-17 drabble that doesn't leave us yearning for more.

  5. All stories must be new.  Contest entries must be blind links on your websites and mustn't be previously posted anywhere.  Rewrites are not new.  (Contact us if you don't have a website, in which case we will host your story for the duration of the contest.)

  6. You may submit four stories in total, but only if exactly two of them are co-authored pieces.  Meaning, you may enter two new stories that are written by yourself and yourself only, and another two that are collaborates.  You can enter less than that, though.


Accepting entries: July 1 - July 31
Voting: August 1 - August 21
Winners announced: August 23

Sample Award:

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