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last updated 08/02/02

Announcing the 
2nd Annual Queens of Smut Contest
see below for details...

Voting Now Open for QoS!!!!!!!

Current Contest: Queens of Smut Contest   Doll Contests Dangerous in Leather
Current Contest Dates:     Contest Dates:  

Accepting Entries:

July 1, 2002

  Accepting Entries: August 1, 2002

Stories are Due:

July 31, 2002

  Entries are Due: September 1, 2002
Voting Begins: August 1, 2002   Votng Begins: September 2, 2002
Voting Ends: August 21, 2002   Voting Ends: September 21, 2002
Winners will be Announced:  August, 23, 2002   Winners Announced: September 23, 2002
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